Common Sense Ways to a Wealthier Future

The 200+ ideas that can be found in my guide are pretty much for everyone, with only a few specialist groupings (weddings, babies). I have made every effort to omit the many ‘false economy’ and impractical ideas found across the internet. They are all simple, common-sense suggestions.

I have also tried to resist the urge to put in some of the more extreme measures which I have read of, such as looking for loose change in the street, saving up scraps of soap for re-use, scrounging from Tesco’s waste skips, etc. – though I suppose there are plenty of folk out there who do this … and worse.

I considered a number of ways and means of putting this guide 'out there' in order that I may earn a £ or two for every download, or whatever, but have decided instead to simply place the document in its entirety on open access via the tab near the top of this page. I hope that once you have perused the same you will feel minded to utilise the DONATE button to the right. This 'honesty box' approach relies on the goodwill of you all - and, in the true spirit of my 'Money-Saving Guide', any amount, no matter how small, is welcome. A pound or two would be fine.
By using the button you can pay via PayPal or credit card, but if you'd rather send a cheque then that's fine. Make it payable to 'M.Southwick' and send to:

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I hope you find the guide useful, and thank you in advance for any donation. If you've any comments or suggestions, then I can be contacted at


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